Moving House On Your Own 11 Mistakes That Can Cause Your Cost To Rise

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Moving to a new home can be an exciting new chapter in life. However, moving is also notoriously stressful and disrupting. Many people consider moving themselves to save money. While this is an option, attempting to move an entire household alone comes with many pitfalls. Trying to cut costs by not hiring professionals can unfortunately backfire and result in unintended expenses.

If you are planning to move house on your own, beware of these 11 common mistakes amateurs make that end up costing them more in the long run:

Not Securing Your Belongings Properly

Improperly packing and securing belongings is one of the biggest mistakes when moving yourself. Without professional packing supplies and techniques, your items can shift and collide in the truck, resulting in dents, chips, scratches and breakage. Clumsily packed boxes are more likely to tear open or crash down causing damage. Attempting to move large furniture solo often results in gouges in walls and floors as well.

The costs of repairing or replacing damaged valuables like heirlooms or electronics can be massive. Paying a company like CBDWAY Mover or Best Moving Company Melbourne for proper packing and loading prevents costly damage claims down the road. Their experienced Furniture Mover Near Me crews know how to securely wrap and immobilize even the most fragile or unwieldy items. Don’t let an improperly braced big screen TV or antique dresser ruin your move.

Not Having the Right Moving Vehicle or Equipment

Many people falsely assume their personal car and small trailer will suffice for moving everything. However, once all belongings are packed up, the load is usually far too large for a typical vehicle to handle. This may require last minute scrambling to rent a larger truck or van at high daily rates. Even then, without professional moving tools like dollies, ramps and lifts, maneuvering heavy objects and furniture into the truck can be extremely difficult.

Moving companies like CBDWAY Mover come prepared with the ideal trucks and state-of-the-art tools to safely load even heavy and cumbersome items. Using your personal vehicle that’s not designed for big loads puts your belongings and vehicle at risk. Don’t let an improperly equipped move put your valuables or car in jeopardy.

Failing to Protect Floors and Walls

When attempting large furniture moves in your home or building, it’s very easy to scuff walls, tear door frames, scratch floors, and damage railings if you aren’t careful. Even discharge from a small nick or torn wallpaper when moving out can cost you your security deposit. Moving bulky items through narrow halls and stairwells takes professional maneuvering skills.

Reputable movers like Furniture Mover Near Me have the moving blankets, corner protectors, and dolly skill to keep walls, flooring, and railings damage free. Attempting risky furniture moves on your own through tight spaces often results in cosmetic damages that cost a lot to properly patch and repaint. The savings of DIY moving quickly disappear when you lose your security deposit from scratched floors or torn drywall.

Making Multiple Trips

When moving yourself, you are unlikely to have access to a large enough vehicle that fits all your belongings in one trip. This may require making many trips back and forth between your old and new home. All those miles logged will not only use costly fuel but also significantly increase the wear and tear on your personal vehicle. The time spent driving back and forth also delays the unpacking process.

Professional moving companies like Best Moving Company Melbourne have the trucks and capacity to move your contents in a single trip. Allowing movers to safely transport everything together saves you gas money, vehicle mileage, time wasted in transit, and gets you settled in faster. Don’t let multiple trips burn through your relocation budget.

Forgetting Essentials and Supplies

It’s common when moving solo to forget small but essential items like scissors, box cutters, garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, basic tools etc. Not having these supplies handy for unpacking and your first night in the new place adds hassle. You also may fail to properly estimate enough moving boxes, tape and other packing materials needed. Not having sufficient packing supplies can mean makeshift solutions like overloaded bags.

Reliable moving services melbourne like packers and movers melbourne ensure they have all equipment and materials needed to properly pack and move your belongings. Leaving out key tools or packing items because you didn’t plan well will slow your move to a crawl. Don’t let a lack of preparation leave you scrambling during your move.

Carrying Too Much At Once 

Attempting to carry too many boxes or large items through narrow doorways and stairs can easily lead to strained muscles, falls or dropped valuables. Lifting heavy, bulky objects solo often causes back injuries and other physical harm. Pushing the limits with carrying weight and size typically results in accidents and damaged belongings.

Professional movers are trained on safe lifting techniques and moving bulky objects without injury. Don’t risk personal harm trying to force large furniture or dangerously heavy loads on your own. Let experts handle the hard labor while you direct where items should go.

Poor Planning of Moving Logistics

Not mapping out a moving plan to optimize efficiency can waste valuable time and energy. Without a methodical approach, belongings may be haphazardly thrown into the truck lengthening unloading time later. You may fail to reserve parking or create a plan for navigating stairs and tight spaces. Attempting to move hastily without a strategy often creates frustrations when heavy items get stuck or things get damaged.

Smart moving services melbourne like CBDWAY Mover plan every move strategically with a detailed timeline, floorplans and placement strategy to maximize efficiency. Don’t let a chaotic move eat up your clock and add headaches. Moving is complex – leverage experts who have relocated many times before.

Not Changing Address Right Away

Neglecting to promptly update your address with financial institutions, government offices, utilities, subscriptions etc can lead to missed mail or even legal issues. You want mail forwarded, bills sent to the proper address, IDs showing current residency and services in your name switched over by move-in day. Staying on top this paperwork prevents services being disconnected, prevents security risks from lingering personal info and ensures proper delivery of your belongings.

Reputable movers and packers melbourne like CBDWAY Mover offer address change checklists and tips to switchover essential accounts and contacts right away. Don’t let moving disrupt important mail and fraud protections – change addresses immediately.

Not Cleaning Old Home Thoroughly

Failing to adequately clean your former home before turning in keys risks not getting your full security deposit back. Any lingering grime, dust, stains or clutter not removed can get deducted from your refund. Regular cleaning is often not sufficient before move out – properties require deep scrubbing to look rent ready. DIY efforts may miss areas or lack proper tools to clean cosmetically.

Many moving companies offer full cleaning services to get the home ready for inspection like new. Don’t let move out dirt cost your deposit – hire experts like Best Moving Company Melbourne to deep clean properly.

Improperly Lifting Heavy Objects

Moving large furniture or appliances yourself risks back injuries and other physical harm if you attempt improper lifting techniques. Bending at the waist and lifting with your back can pull muscles and cause spinal disc damage. Lifting bulky items alone also increases risks if they become unbalanced. Don’t let injuries wreck your big move.

Professional movers are trained on safe lifting procedures to properly lift, lower and carry heavy or unwieldy objects using legs and core strength. Let the moving experts handle the heavy lifting to prevent painful damage while you direct the placement.

Attempting a DIY move to save money often backfires with unintended costs from rental trucks, wasted fuel, damaged items and lingering utility bills from not changing addresses promptly. Avoid moving mistakes by letting seasoned professionals like CBDWAY Mover, Best Moving Company Melbourne or Furniture Mover Near Me handle the hard work. Keep your move safe, efficient and on budget by hiring reputable movers upfront. Don’t let moving mistakes become expensive lessons – get it done right the first time.

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