Terms and Conditions

Welcome to CBDWAY Mover. Please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions that govern the use of our moving services. By engaging with CBDWAY Mover, you agree to comply with the terms outlined below.

Limitation of Liability:-

We strive to prevent damage, but cannot guarantee against accidental loss or destruction of goods. Our liability is limited to $500 per item lost or damaged. Additional valuation coverage can be purchased for valuable items. You are responsible for obtaining insurance appraisals for any items valued above standard coverage.

Customer Responsibilities:-

You must disclose all items, access restrictions, long carry distances, parking limitations, and other relevant details. You or your agent must be present during the entire move. You are responsible for properly preparing appliances, electronics, and furniture. Items not prepared properly may result in damage during disassembly or reassembly.

Claims & Disputes:-

Please thoroughly inspect all goods at delivery and note any missing/damaged items on the condition report before signing. Report any issues within 2 business days. We will make reasonable efforts to locate lost items or negotiate settlements for damaged goods based on depreciated actual cash value up to our liability limit. If no resolution is reached within 30 days, the arbitration shall follow Australian consumer dispute guidelines.

Right to Refuse/Cancel Service:-

We reserve the right to halt any move deemed unsafe or unreasonable. This includes blocked access preventing loading/unloading, threatening behavior, excessive long carry distances, undisclosed goods requiring special handling, or any other condition substantially increasing hazard or difficulty beyond normal expectations. Labor fees for time incurred apply.

Quotations and Payments:-

All quotations provided by CBDWAY Mover are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated. Quotes may be updated if details of your move change significantly. Payment in full is due upon completion of the move, paid by cash, credit card, or pre-arranged online payment.

Liability for Damage:-

We make every effort to prevent damage to your goods in transit through careful handling and professional packing techniques. However, accidental damage may infrequently occur. Our liability for goods damaged while in our care is limited to $100 per item affected. Additional valuation coverage can be purchased for items of higher value if needed.

Damage to Premises or Property Other Than Goods:-

We aim to protect premises and property from damage during the move process. However, minor nicks or scratches may accidentally occur at times. Our liability for damage to your building, home, or office during packing, loading, unloading or transit is limited to $250 per move. Please point out any existing wear and tear to walls, doorways, floors etc. prior to the move to avoid disputes.

Time Limit for Claims:-

Please thoroughly check all your belongings at delivery time and make note on the condition report form of any missing or damaged goods before signing. Claims must be submitted in writing within 2 business days of delivery. We will make reasonable efforts to locate lost items or provide fair settlements for damaged goods based on age and depreciated value, up to applicable liability limits.

Delays in Transit:-

We make every effort to complete each move efficiently within quoted time frames. However, delays may at times occur due to weather, traffic, road closures, mechanical issues, or other unforeseen circumstances. We are unable to offer compensation for delays but will communicate promptly if significant changes to timelines occur.

Staff Abuse:-

We strive to complete each move smoothly while protecting the safety of our staff. Threatening, offensive, or abusive language or behaviour toward company staff may result in immediate termination of the move with payment due for all services rendered plus applicable cancellation fees.