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Moving to a new residence? CBDWAY Mover offers affordable removalist services in Chelsea Heights without sacrificing quality. Protecting your priceless furniture is our first concern! CBDWAY Mover provides professional furniture removal services in Chelsea Heights. Let our skilled team handle your belongings with care. For a smooth relocation process, Our Movers is your dependable partner. Excellent service and reasonable prices are assured!

On the 17th of August 2023, our moving company had the privilege of assisting Tom with his relocation from Chelsea Heights, Victoria 3196, to Clayton, Victoria 3168. The move involved two distinct locations – a 3-bedroom double-storey house in Lyndhurst, which was the main residence, and a brief stop in Chelsea Heights to collect 5 valuable paintings.

Recognizing the complexity of the task, Tom opted for our larger 6.5-ton truck and a team of 2 experienced movers to ensure a seamless transition without the need for multiple trips, as would have been required with a smaller 4.5-ton vehicle. This decision proved to be wise, as the move encompassed the relocation of fully furnished 3 bedrooms, outdoor furniture, and a garage filled with tools and equipment.

Our team arrived promptly at 11 am, and the move commenced without delay. With utmost care and professionalism, they disassembled and reassembled all the beds, ensuring the safe transportation of these essential pieces of furniture. The attention to detail extended to every aspect of the move, from meticulously packing the 5 paintings in Chelsea Heights to carefully loading and unloading the outdoor furniture and garage items.

The move proved to be a challenging endeavor, with the team working tirelessly for 4 hours to complete the relocation successfully. Despite the long and arduous day, our movers maintained their focus and commitment, ensuring that Tom’s belongings were safely transported and placed in their designated locations at the new residence.

Upon completion of the move, the total cost, inclusive of GST and stair fees, amounted to $560 – a fair and transparent price for the exceptional service provided. Tom, recognizing the hard work and dedication of our moving team, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for their efforts, acknowledging the tireless labor that went into making his relocation a success.

At our moving company, we take immense pride in delivering outstanding service to our clients, and Tom’s experience is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We strive to make every relocation as seamless and stress-free as possible, ensuring that our clients can embark on their new journey with peace of mind and satisfaction.

Moving across your whole life can be intimidating. You can depend on CBDWAY Mover, the top-rated best movers in Chelsea Heights, to make your move go smoothly. Contact us for a stress-free relocation and put your trust in the top movers for a hassle-free move!

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