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House Removalist in Chelsea, Victoria: Melbourne

Seeking top-notch house removalists in Chelsea? Look no further than CBDWAY Mover, your trusted and affordable solution for furniture removal in Chelsea. Our experienced team ensures a seamless moving experience, making us the best movers in Carrum. With our dedication to reliability and affordable removalist in Chelsea, trust CBDWAY Mover to handle your relocation needs with care and efficiency. Contact us today for stress-free house removal services in Chelsea and experience the difference!

Lopez’s relocation from Chelsea to Hawthorn on March 24, 2021, was efficiently handled by CBDWAY Mover, ensuring a seamless transition to her new residence. The move involved transporting the contents of a two-bedroom single-story house, including essential furniture items such as a queen bed with base, a double mattress, a small dresser, a large dining table with dining chairs, bar stools, white goods like a washing machine and a fridge, as well as seating arrangements like an L-shaped couch with an armchair and ottoman, and a two-seater couch, along with some miscellaneous boxes.

To accommodate the move, CBDWAY Mover dispatched a 4.5-ton truck manned by two experienced movers. Anticipating the job to take between 2 to 3 hours, the team arrived promptly at 9 am, ready to commence the relocation process. Impressively, they efficiently completed the task within a mere 2 hours, showcasing their proficiency and dedication to timely service.

The total cost of the move amounted to $390, including GST, which aligned perfectly with Lopez’s budget expectations. This transparent pricing without any hidden costs or surprises further solidified Lopez’s satisfaction with CBDWAY Mover’s services. She expressed her gratitude towards the moving team for their professionalism and meticulous care in handling her furniture, ensuring that everything arrived at the destination unscathed.

Overall, Lopez’s positive experience with CBDWAY Mover highlights the company’s commitment to providing reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly moving services, earning them appreciation and loyalty from satisfied customers like Lopez.

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