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Are you moving house in the Clyde North area and looking for an affordable yet high-quality house removalist in Clyde North? Look no further than CBDWAY Movers. We are aware that relocating can be an expensive undertaking. Because of this, we provide removalist rates that are competitive to help you afford the process. Being a seasoned moving company with a local presence in Melbourne, we can effectively handle relocations in Clyde North and the surrounding suburbs.

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Claudine relocated with us on March 15, 2023, from her previous residence in Clyde North to her new home on Darrivill Street in Bell Post Hill. The new home was a 2 bedroom, 2 level house that required going up and down stairs. For the move, we utilized our 6.5-ton moving truck along with a 2 person moving team. The move commenced promptly at 8 am that morning. The main pieces of furniture and belongings that needed moving were: a refrigerator, 2 couches, 3 armchairs, 2 kitchen hutch/shelf units, a King sized bed, a bookshelf, a small cupboard, a dining table with chairs, approximately 40 boxes and other miscellaneous items.

We had estimated that the entire move, including travel time both ways, would take 7 to 9 hours to complete. The actual move took right around 7 hours from start to finish, coming in on the lower end of our initial timeframe estimate. The total cost for the move including the moving service and applicable GST taxes was $890.

Overall, Claudine was very satisfied with how the move went and the time it took. She was also happy with the total cost and made sure to thank the movers for their hard work and efficiency in completing the move. The move into her new Bell Post Hill home went smoothly and on budget.

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Trusted by many families and households in the area, CBDWAY Movers offer reliable removalist services you can depend on. Contact our friendly team today to find out more or request a competitive quote for affordable removalists in Clyde North.

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