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CBDWAY Mover is a furniture removalist in Seaford, Victoria, trusts. We have been there for you whenever you need us, offering honest and honestly helpful service. For an amazing offer, give 0414598530 or 0447324810 a call.

CBDWAY Mover is one of the greatest and most affordable removalists in Seaford. Our knowledgeable group of packers and movers is an expert in:

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Stella’s move on March 10, 2023, marked a smooth transition from Largs Street, Seaford, VIC 3198, to Old Trafford, Berwick, VIC 3806. The relocation involved transporting a modest amount of belongings, including 2 couches, 2 mattresses, 2 bed frames, a coffee table, and several boxes.

To facilitate the move, CBDWay Mover provided a 4.5-ton truck with one man, and the process began promptly at 8 am. Stella actively participated in the move, contributing to the efficiency of the process and opting to save costs by assisting in the relocation. The entire move was completed within a commendable timeframe of 3 hours.

Despite the relatively small scale of the move, the quality service provided by CBDWay Mover was evident. The total cost for the relocation amounted to $260, inclusive of GST. Stella was relieved that this small adjustment was completed promptly and at a reasonable cost. 

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Our removalists provide you expert removal services at a fair price, anywhere in the Melbourne region you wish to transfer. CBDWAY Mover is the company to call if you need a furniture removalist to move you across the interstate or even from Seaford to Berwick.

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Comprises transporting furniture, and several items from Seaford to Berwick and other Melbourne suburbs, packing, and unpacking. We offer the best and most reasonably priced service; no other packer and mover company can match CBDWAY Mover’s insurance terms and service.

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