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CBDWAY Mover Your trusted removalist partner in Toorak. As the area’s leading furniture removal in Toorak, we provide top-quality solutions for your relocation needs. Our experienced team excels in residential and commercial moves, handling your belongings with utmost care. Trust us as the best movers in Toorak for safe, efficient, and affordable removalist services in Toorak. From packing to transportation and unloading, we cover every aspect seamlessly. Top-Rated best Movers in Toorak for Seamless Relocations. Trusted by Toorak residents for safe, efficient moving services.

Angel’s move from Toorak to Frankston was a smooth and efficient process, thanks to the professional team that handled it. On October 16th, 2022, she relocated from her residence in the affluent suburb of Toorak, Victoria 3142, to her new home in Frankston, Victoria 3199.

The move involved transporting a variety of household items, including a 2-seater couch, a washing machine, two shelves, a small circular table, a double bed mattress and base, a 55-inch TV, a refrigerator, and several boxes containing personal belongings.

To facilitate the relocation, a 4.5-ton truck was utilized, and a team of two experienced movers was assigned to the task. While the move did not involve any stairs, the furniture had to be carried up a long ramp to reach the new residence in Frankston, which was situated on a higher level.

Despite the logistical challenge, the team efficiently completed the move within two hours, showcasing their skill and professionalism. The total cost of the move, inclusive of GST, amounted to $390, representing excellent value for the services rendered.


Angel was delighted with the way the move was executed. All her belongings arrived safely at their new destination, and she expressed her gratitude to the team for their punctuality and outstanding service.

The smooth transition from Toorak to Frankston was a testament to the expertise and dedication of the moving team, ensuring that Angel’s relocation was a stress-free and seamless experience.

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