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On November 7th, our moving company facilitated a relocation organized by Amber on behalf of VSK.Org (Very Special Kids). The move involved transporting items from Prahran, Victoria 3181 to a warehouse in Keysborough, Victoria 3173.

The scope of the move was substantial, as it required our team to pick up and transport 150 boxes and several empty pallets. Given the volume of items to be moved, Amber had arranged for the use of our 6.5-ton truck, accompanied by a team of two professional movers.

To accommodate the logistics of the move, our crew first collected the boxes and pallets from the Prahran location and securely stored them overnight at our facility. This temporary storage solution allowed for a seamless transition and ensured the protection of the items until their final delivery the following morning.

On the second day of the move, our team promptly loaded the stored boxes and pallets onto the truck and transported them to the designated warehouse in Keysborough. The entire process, including the pick-up from Prahran, overnight storage, and delivery to Keysborough, took a total of 4 hours.

To cover the costs associated with the move and the overnight storage, VSK.Org was charged a total of $560. This fee encompassed the labour, transportation, and secure storage of the 150 boxes and empty pallets during the relocation process.

Our team took great care in handling the items, ensuring their safe and timely delivery to the Keysborough warehouse, thereby fulfilling the requirements of this unique move facilitated by Amber on behalf of the Very Special Kids organization.

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