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Heba Dinno was moving on Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 from a 2-bedroom double-storey house located on Buchanan Road in Berwick to a new home on Cathies Lane in Wantirna South. We booked the move for a 9 am start time.

Having had unpleasant experiences with dodgy subcontractors during previous moves, Heba Dinno wanted to ensure we would handle the entire move ourselves using only our well-trained staff. I assured him that we do not use any subcontractors and that our experienced 2-man crew with our 4.5-ton truck would take care of everything personally.

The crew arrived on time, introduced themselves to Heba Dinno, and got straight to work efficiently packing, protecting delicate items, and loading all of Heba Dinno’s furniture and boxes with care onto the truck. Within 3 hours, everything was smoothly transported, unloaded, and placed into the proper rooms at Heba Dinno’s new Wantirna South house.

For this full 2-bedroom double-storey house move, the total cost came to $390 inclusive of GST which Heba Dinno was very satisfied with. He commented on how professional, friendly, and skilled our movers were. Heba Dinno was extremely happy with our service and swore he would be leaving a glowing 5-star review for our company online.

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Berwick is located 37km South-East of Melbourne city center. Our removals team services all commercial and residential customers along major roads such as Clyde Road, O’Shea Road, and Soldiers Road.

His four local schools deftly navigate Berwick’s roads and motorways during peak and school hours to avoid traffic jams. Due to the nearby countryside and wildlife, our drivers pay particular attention to the roads.

Our employees reflect Berwick’s multicultural structure, so all customers feel valued. Having relocated many homes and offices in Berwick, our team knows the area’s streets, parks, and attractions.

As a leading furniture removalist in Berwick, we make moving to or from Berwick easy. Leave your furniture and appliances moving to us with peace of mind.

I aimed to simplify the language and focus on his CBDWAY Mover expertise in Berwick. Please let us know if you would like to make any further changes.

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