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On Saturday, October 28, 2023, Angela moved with our Mover company from his 4-bedroom double-story house on Greenfield Drive at 47 Marshall Ave, Clayton to a new apartment on 10 Kotiko Rd, Keysborough. For this move, we utilized an 8-ton truck along with a 2-person moving team.

The total cost for Angela’s move came to $900 including GST and an additional stair fee. The move took approximately 6 hours to fully complete due to some challenges at the new apartment complex. Specifically, there were no lifts available, so all of Angela’s furniture and boxes had to be moved over 30 meters from the loading bay, up and over two flights of stairs to reach his unit.

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Given these constraints, the move required a bit more time and labor to navigate the stairs safely and efficiently. However, Angela was very understanding of the situation and thanked our removalists for their hard work and care in getting all of his belongings to the new apartment. Despite the difficulties, our team worked diligently and professionally to complete the move successfully.

Overall, it was a smooth move day for Angela, aside from the extra stair labor. Our removalists were able to safely transport all of his possessions from the 47 Marshall Ave, Clayton house to the Keysborough apartment within the allotted time frame. Angela was satisfied with the service and impressed by the movers’ efforts given the challenges.

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Wherever you wish to relocate in the Melbourne region, our removalists provide you with professional removal services at a reasonable price. In case you require a furniture removalist to transport you from Clayton to the country of Victoria or even across the Interstate, CBDWAY Mover is the company to contact.

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Includes and is not limited to packing and unpacking, furniture moving, and multiple items  47 Marshall Ave, Clayton to a new apartment on 10 Kotiko Rd, Clayton interstate, and other Melbourne suburbs. No other company can match CBDWAY Mover’s service and insurance terms; we provide the best and most affordable service.

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