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On Thursday, June 15th, 2023, Diane Kwok hired our professional moving services to assist with her long-distance relocation from Fourth Street in Black Rock to Ballarat. This move was complex as it required packing and collecting additional furniture items stored at her Twins Creek property in Upper Pakenham before transport to her new Ballarat residence.

Of note was a large, extremely heavy steel-framed Upright Piano that needed proper equipment and experienced crew members to move safely. Diane Kwok also had expensive chinaware and fragile cutlery which she wanted to ensure would be handled with extreme care and caution to prevent any breaks or damages during the loading, transit, and unloading process.

To meet Diane Kwok’s moving requirements, we deployed our best 2 man team in our large 8-ton truck equipped with padded blankets, straps, dollies and ramps ideal for transporting pianos and fine china. I assured Diane Kwok our crews are highly trained in moving specialty items and would take every precaution to securely pack and transport all her belongings.

The 6-hours move went smoothly – the crew professionally packed and loaded items from both Black Rock and Pakenham residences, safely transported everything to Ballarat, and carefully placed each box and furniture in designated rooms. True to their word, nothing was broken including all china and crystal which the movers personally unpacked to prevent damage.

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With travel, fuel charges, and expertise to move a piano, the total cost was $900- which Diane Kwok felt was very reasonable. She was extremely satisfied with the care taken and the efficiency of our service and crews. Overall this complex move was a resounding success thanks to our removals team. Diane Kwok said she would be happy to recommend our company to others needing specialty item transportation.

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